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I had always wondered what went on behind the closed door of a swinger’s club. So, I googled ‘swinger reviews’ and read so many different stories and reviews of people’s experiences but I thought the only way to really know of what it is like would be to experience one for myself. Look, I do sell sex toys so thought “hey I’m open minded; you only live once so why not give it a go!”


On my exploration one site that really caught my eye was Club Rumourz which was a Swingers club coincidentally not far from where I live (it must be a sign) near Surfers Paradise. Now, I have driven down Upton street in Bundall a thousand times and never knew this place existed, discreetly hidden behind other businesses it gives their patrons privacy and the ability to be their real selves without explanation. This first impression of this new world really appealed to me. I am not saying I am inauthentic in my day life but here I could be the real me without judgement, without a hesitation.  


First up, I would thoroughly recommend calling the club and make a booking, club Rumourz regularly run events and the place gets busy. So, I called and spoke to the owner Samantha, she mentioned that this Saturday night they will be running the annual Valentines Lingerie Ball (men and women can only attend this night, if at 11pm they strip down into their underwear). After talking to Samantha, I felt even more comfortable and I admit I was even getting a bit excited at the prospect of going.

 First things first, “eek! What the hell am I going to wear!?!” Oh, and I guess I better ask my partner if he would like to come to a swinger’s party with me. All I can say is that He looked at me like a 10-year-old boy who just got given Disneyland tickets, this was happening!

 I ended up deciding to go for a blue corset, lace panties with thigh-high stockings and 7 inch heels that took me at least 2 days at home practicing to walk straight in them. No pain… no gain. My partner, on the other hand, was organized in a minute, a bit of thoughtful ‘man-scaping’ and black boxer undies. By the time we were dressed and I was made up, we both were feeling very nervous, but let me tell you that just adds to the excitement. So many questions, mainly created by my imagination running wild.

 Now, about the club itself, we arrived at 9:30pm and our friendly Uber driver drove down the hidden driveway to drop us literally two metres from Club Rumourz’ door, next time we might take a taxi as our driver was so distracted by trying to see what was happening inside the club door that we could have given him an old receipt from my handbag and he wouldn’t have known any different. We walked in the door and were greeted by the beautiful, classy, and elegantly dressed Samantha who welcomed us, took our wine to the bar and then showed us around. What we experienced was class, friendliness and more importantly awareness of their very strict culture, particularly amongst participants, of respecting one another which put my apprehensive mind at ease.

At this stage the thrill was kicking in for us both.


This establishment has been in this location for a few years and if you had ever visited it before it became Club Rumourz you would notice the difference. The new owners, Samantha and Brett, listened to the club’s regulars and made some amazing changes, for instance, the existing spa room which had always been enclosed has been renovated and a window installed providing the spa occupants a panoramic view of the newly renovated orgy/BDSM room which itself contains a massive, massive bed that provides a setting for around 20 carefree sharing individuals, 20 people!!!


Club Rumourz provides its guests with double unisex showers and bathroom facilities which of course is for me imperative for before and after activities. It has 10 bedrooms for its guests, the rooms were clean, well presented and stocked with condoms and towels. Our host informed us that we were of course welcome to use any of the rooms and when using the rooms our options are to either; close the door, leave the door open and, for all the swingers that like to be watched, there is a chain that can be placed across the door entrance where anyone can respectfully watch. When the chain is down this means, others can ask and, if accepted, be involved. But once again we were reminded that everyone is to abide by the club’s ethos of consent and consideration of each other so communication, I realised and appreciate, plays a big part of the swinger’s lifestyle.

After our introduction, my partner and I decided to get a wine at the bar and headed back out to the main area. With more fellow swingers in attendance we made our way to the bar, to do this, we had to slide our half naked bods through the crowd of already lingerie clad bodies of all shapes and sizes on the dance floor, now there probably were alternative ways to the bar but the odd ‘bump and grind’ en route was half the fun. Tonight, Club Rumourz has a special guest DJ. Making my way through the girl on girl kissing, grinding and dancing and the warranted smiles on the girl’s partner’s faces I am drawn to my favourite thing on a dance floor… a stripper pole, yay! After a few impromptu spins I look around to see my partner with a surprised look and we both smile, there certainly is something liberating about this place. We resume our expedition to the bar and on arrival to this cool stylish setting we get a couple of celebratory drinks. The barperson serves us with a smile as she pours our Sauv Blanc and with a glass of wine in hand and the club already quite busy we both felt at ease and ready mingle,

There is an outdoor drinking/smoking area where there are plenty of couples of all backgrounds, some are new and others seasoned swingers, some are meeting for the first time and others have had “played” together many times before, either way everyone is having a good time. Instantly met some cool people and what we learned is about how the dynamics of the swinger world works. It isn’t about seeing a couple and saying “you will do”, some couples you won’t click with and others you will. A couple that we felt this connection with immediately had been swinging for 6 years and it was interesting to understand how it plays in the dynamics of their relationship. They love sex and each other, and decided to meet like-minded people who will want to play too, and they haven’t looked back.

So, tonight was the Valentine’s Day Lingerie Ball and after 11pm as it was mandatory to take your clothes off and just be in your underwear. I’ve got to admit that at first, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, this certainly wasn’t something I was used to, but after about half an hour I forgot I was half naked as everyone else seemed to be so comfortable.


My partner and I were starting to get into the swing of things (pun totally intended) and after a few wines he and I agreed to look in some of the rooms as there was now starting to be a bit of action going on. We stood outside one of the bedroom and watched four people all having sex, this itself was such a turn on as they all, looked like they were having a ball (pun intended again), and it was so erotic. Next was the BDSM/Orgy room where a couple were showing us all what usually goes on behind closed doors in their Sub/Dom life.


We didn’t play with anyone that night, tiny steps is my motto. But if you’re ever thinking about it, I would recommend Rumourz as it is friendly, well run and the staff were so welcoming and quite happy to answer all my nosy questions. To all the couples, who we mingled with I must say a big thank you for making us, felt accepted and comfortable as we were obviously newbie’s.

We left in the early hours of the morning, and let’s just say we couldn’t wait for the cab to get us home so we could jump into bed together…say no more.


If you are keen to try out something a bit on the naughty side, then this is the place for you.

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Laura xx


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