Clear Masturbator a hit!

Posted by on Sunday, January 25th, 2015 at 7:54 am

fleshClear Masturbator is one of so many mastubators on the market its hard to keep up i hear you say …Well check out this beauty.  Never be bored or lonely at night with this all new Fleshlight Male Masturbator Vagina design. Now it comes with a clear crystal look that you can see your hard throbbing penis slide in and out of the tight pussy fuck hole. This visual stimulation gets you more excited coupled  with a ribbed inside for that perfect feel.  Furthermore, this see through or clear masturbator is a unique because they not only give you a realistic feel of a vagina as well as a birds eye view. This clear masturbator is made available by Kinkytimes at a very affordable price. In addtiion, a 50% discount is also given to all purchases. Hence, you can get this now for only $54.95 instead of $109.90


It is time to give your cock a treat it deserves

Give your cock a treat. As one college dormer Arman said, “This is one great dorm companion! Because it keeps me happy and motivated!”

This awesome fleshlight masturbator  is easy to clean. Thus, it can be used again and again and because its made from high quality TRR which means thermoplastic rubber which means its made to be flexible like rubber and is durable. Therefore, it stays in shape after you have pushed and pulled your way to a hard orgasm.  






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