Everything You Should Know Before Buying Lingerie

Posted by Kinkytimes Online Store on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 at 12:19 pm

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Some people like to buy shoes, clothes, and the like—but a few like to shop for lingerie. Yes, you read it right. Lingerie has the capacity to take your sexual life to the next level. However, it’s difficult to lay your hands on lingerie of your choice. But don’t fret as we’ve got, here, the complete low-down on the different factors that you should keep in mind before laying your hands on the perfect lingerie. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

Size does matter

It’s important that you know which size are you going for. So to start with, you should know your size. However, never go for linger having a very small size; that’s because if you do so, you’ll make him think that you’re fat. Likewise, if you think of taking an extra-large size, then he may think again that you’re too fat—maybe that’s why you’re buying an extra-large size for yourself. So the deal is pretty simple—you’ve to find and wear a lingerie that’s of your own size. For females, lingerie’s size remains the same as the size of their bras.

Assets are worth showing

You should pick lingerie that shows your assets really very well. If your partner, too, has best assets, then you both can opt for jock straps. If, however, he has a remarkable cock, go for something that’s netted. Now, coming back to you—if you have exceptional breasts, go for lingerie having an under wire. Similarly, if she has luscious legs, then you should opt for high-cut underwear or something similar to a low-cut piece. So if you think that your ass is great, then let that greatness be shown through lingerie.

Your comfort should be prioritized

Now sensuality is all right, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your comfort. In short, the lingerie that you’re about to purchase should be pretty comfortable. So if you’re not too comfortable about your body weight, you won’t be able to adorn a lingerie with full confidence. If you have tummy scarring, then you should go for something resembling a loose-fitting chemise.

Colour is important

See which colour looks the best at you. If you’re white, then going for a yellow won’t be advisable. Then, friends, y’all will have to buy lingerie of a dark-shaded hue because that’ll complement your skin’s colour. However, never ever try to buy lingerie of a colour that doesn’t suit you—not even a single bit. That is, always buy lingerie having the colour that looks good on you.

That’s it, people. You’ve just read one of the finest guides to picking lingerie and other sensual nightwear that suits your taste and personality. If you’re looking for lingerie, then do browse our range that has some of the most exotic nightwear and underclothing of all time. We’re Kinky Times, and we deal in different sex gears as well including dildos, vibrators, male masturbators, crotchless pantyhose, and lubes. If you want a deep pussy thing, then we have that as well. In short, you just name a sex toy that you want to own, and most probably we’ll have it.

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