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Posted by Kinkytimes Online Store on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 at 11:41 am

latex clothing

It’s time you up your BDSM game by filling your wardrobe with erotic latex clothing and fetish wear. When it comes to making sex interesting, you should opt for shiny clothing. Now while buying shiny clothing, you may have tried the ones made using PVC and patent leather fabrics; however, have you tried the ones made using the latex fabric? Latex clothing is the choice for many fetishists because of its shiny look and comfortableness. This guide or post will help you pick latex wear of the right size. So without any delay, let’s get rolling, peeps.

A word of caution

Just before you buy any latex clothing item, you should just check whether you have any latex-related allergy. If yes, don’t go for any clothing item made using this material. But how will you check whether you’re allergic to latex or not? It’s simple. Buy a pair of latex gloves—buying one won’t cost you a bomb doubtlessly. Anyway, once you’ve bought one, you cut a strip of that glove and wear it under one of your socks or as a waistband. After wearing that strip for a couple of hours, you should check your skin for any visible signs of irritations. Now, you may be thinking, “I’ve worn condoms so many times, and my dick is just so fine.” However, we’ll still suggest that you check this because latex has a way of interacting with different body parts.

Now, let’s get to know a thing or two about how you should go about buying premium latex clothing

Moulded latex has become a common thing

This is exactly when liquidised rubber is poured inside the moulds to make one of the best-looking seamless garments. It’s a given that moulded latex tends to be a bit less expensive and is slightly harder and thicker to tear or puncture. If you’re new in the game of latex wear, then it’s always better to start with garments made using moulded latex. These garments deteriorate slowly and are pretty thick. However, since nothing is perfect in this world, there’s one downside to moulded latex garments—they rarely have zips or any type of fasteners; that is, you’ll literally have to wriggle your way in the dress and out of it.

Glued latex is also one of the favourites

This form of latex is made using latex sheets that are cut to size as well as put together by using quality adhesives. So that means if you’re looking to buy something that’ll fit you slightly better than anything else, then you should go for fetish wear made using glued latex. Plus, the garments made using this specific material are pretty shiny, so if you want to shine, wear garments made using this material.

At Kinky Times, we have a vast range of latex garments, and every one of our pieces is perfectly stitched to suit varied tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for latex ball gag or general strips, we have a lot many things made of latex. That’s it for now, peeps. We hope you’ve found this piece really useful. If so, do share it with others and spread the word about the benefits of wearing latex to redefine your sexual fantasies.

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