Here’s Nearly Everything You Should Know About Anal Sex

Posted by Kinkytimes Online Store on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 12:29 pm

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Whether you’re an anal sex pro or a newbie, we’re giving you a few anal sex positions that you may not have tried as of yet. So, put simply, in this post, we’re giving you the dope that you should know before diving deep into the exciting world of anal sex.

Are you and your partner ready to explore the world of anal?

The world of anal may be filled with newer possibilities when it comes to learning its how, when, why, where, whom, and who. Before attempting to explore this new world, it’s better to discuss its possibilities and outcomes with your partner. In short, you both should be ready to experience the joy that comes with anal sex. Now, once you both are ready to embark on this new anal endeavour, you should see what all you may need.

Here’s a list of things you may require while doing anal sex?

Lube: Yup, this is the first thing. Leading Australian sex stores will give you the best lubes. You can try us, too, if you’re looking for quality lubes to make your anal sex episodes sexier and more passionate than ever, then explore our range—we bet that you won’t be disenchanted. With us, you’ll find a range of lubes including warming lubricants, flavoured ones, silicone ones, and even the natural ones. We even have special lubes that are meant to be applied in anal sex to streamline intercourse.

Sex toys, please: You’ll find a range of sex toys that are designed for making your anal sexual episodes more exciting than ever. You can browse our selection of anal hooks and plugs to pick the one that suits you and your partner the most. We even have butt plugs and special strap-on kits to let you make the most of your anal sexual episodes.

Peace of mind: Yes! This thing comes free, and that’s why isn’t found on any store shelf. All you have to do is just relax. You need to take deep breaths before your sexual episodes begin. Tell your partner to relax as well because if you both are nervous, then you may botch things.

Few anal sex positions for you and your partner to try

Spoon position: If you guys are fresh in the world of anal, then you should start with the spoon position. This position is one of the finest ways to begin your anal adventures because it lets your member to touch her anal’s sensitive parts easily. If done correctly, this position will get your female partner relax and open up her anus.

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Reverse cowgirl: This position works really well for anal. You let your female partner sit astride your body; this position lets your dick penetrate inside her anus while she’s facing her back to your face. That’s when the to-and-fro motion starts, and that’s when the magic begins.

That’s it for now, readers. So, now, we hope you have enough info on anal sex so that you can make it sexier and lovelier than ever. If, however, you want to have a look at what all we deal in except for anal sex toys, then we have enough to set your sex life rolling. Whether you need simple fetish toys, such as a dildo, or a sophisticated one, such as a vibrator egg, we’ll give you an exhaustive selection to spice up things in the bedroom.

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