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Posted by Kinkytimes Online Store on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 4:41 am

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Latex is really a very fascinating material—it’s sexy and silky. This material has the admirable quality of hiding your body while showing the good bits without hassles. So if you want to keep the sexual force in your bedroom or kitchen or living room lively, it’s better to wear a latex dress and let the dominatrix inside you shines.

You and your partner may be planning a game using adult toys bondage. Now, the game’s sexiness will be ratcheted up if you wear a kinky black catsuit. But before picking any sexy dress made from latex, you should read these two sections—they’ll help you get started.

What’s latex?

This material is a form of natural rubber that’s obtained from specific tree species. You shouldn’t confuse this thing with unnatural rubber that’s widely used for making tyres. The material is popular to make products used in medical trade as well. But since this post is about you playing kinky, we’ll stick to the kinky toys only.

Latex is used while manufacturing condoms. (We have a huge range of latex condoms that are available in different sizes, so browse the collection.) With us, you’ll find an array of fetish toys that are widely used in BDSM circles as well. In short, this material is used for everything ranging from sexy toys to fetish clothing.

However, if you’re new to the latex game, you shouldn’t invest in costly latex dresses. That’s because you may even be allergic to latex; although, very few people are actually allergic to this material, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry. And that’s precisely why we’re emphasising you to first start with buying a pair of latex gloves. That’ll actually let you know whether or not your body is allergic to this material.

The different ways of producing latex clothing

Moulded latex

This method is one of the most economical ways of manufacturing latex clothing in bulk. And this is the only method which is put to use during the production of gloves, socks, etc. As the name suggests, this method involves liquid latex and use of casts. Moulded latex won’t be tailored as per your size, and that’s one of the biggest downsides of this medium.

Tailored latex

Now, this method involves the heavy use of quality latex sheets that are manufactured using strict thickness tolerance. Because of the high tolerance levels used, this method is able to churn out latex clothing that are known for having greater uniformity. Since this method is a bit more labour intensive, you can expect the items, which are made using tailored latex, to be more expensive than the ones produced using the moulded one.

So if you want to buy latex fetish clothing or other kinky toys made from the same material, you should get them from a reliable adult store online or offline. We’re Kinky Times, and we deal in a wide selection of real fetish toys and kinky wear that’ll actually up your sexual game every time. So what are you waiting for? Browse our range and pick a toy or dress or other related merch that suits your tastes and needs perfectly well.

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