Anal Beads

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What are anal beads made of ?

Our  beads are made from high quality materials.  Anal beads are commonly made of high grade silicone, rubber, plastic, latex, glass and metal, depending on the feel you’re after.  They are commonly sphere shaped balls in an array of different shapes and sizes all connected by a cord or string.  Our beads  have a handle or a pull string so that it is easily inserted and most importantly easy to pull out to prevent the sex toy from becoming fully lodged in the rectum, as well as being able to control the speed in which you desire..

Anal beads are designed to use when orgasming, giving the person a harder enhanced climax.   The uneven texture massages the anal gland when inserted in and out.   The anal zone is a sensitive area and the linings are very thin skins.   The Metal anal toy are a favourite with customers, as it’s made from steel you can heat them up or for a different sensation place the metal anal beads in the freezer and feel the pleasurable shiver through your body.   These Metal  beads are 16cm in length with a handle so you can control how deep you go, for the desired anal satisfaction.

How to keep anal beads clean?

With the beads being inserted to your anal region, hygiene is to be considered seriously. The beads in different sizes and there would be lots of areas which should be cleansed thoroughly. If you keep your anal beads clean by using appropriate toy cleanser, then you have the assurance that your anal beads will stay good as new. Our adult sex toys store offers not only the different anal beads styles, but the sex toy cleaner as well.

Make sure you use lube for playtimes, anal-lube-relaxants are recommeded  xxx