Butt Plugs

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Are butt plugs more popular today?

Nowadays, more and more people are using butt plugs  becoming adventurous when it comes to their sexual life. Most people and couples like to experiment and try new adult toys.    Our online store offers a wide variety of anal or butt plugs to add pleasure to your anal region.

Moreover, we give you a chance to explore deeper into you sexuality, to ease your curiosity about anal stimulation and decide what type of but plug suit you.  It’s best to Start with a smaller plug and work your way up, but plugs are used not only for sexual play, but they help stretch the anus slightly before anal sex.  Making it more enjoyable.

Butt plugs getting popular with both male and females.   We can say that butt plugs are not for everyone, but that does not mean they are taboo.  In fact, the number of butt plugs users is constantly increasing.   Based on our adult sex toys store inventory, with more people getting ideas and becoming more adventurous nowadays, Butt plugs are definitely here to stay.

What’s the most popular butt plug?

The Oh Pleasure Pink Anal Plug is a popular but plug.  It’s made from TPR materials so its smooth to touch but sturdy, and most importantly it’s safe to use on your skin.   The  Oh Pleasure Pink Anal Plug is perfect for beginners because of its unique design, and with the smooth edges it can slide up inside without any discomfort.  You can control how deep you want to go by using the pull handle at the top of the anal plug.  It comes with an insertable  length of 12 cm, so you can chose how deep to go to hit the right spot.

Anal plugs come in different shapes and sizes and are often made from latex or silicone.   Other materials used include, neoprene, stainless steel, glass, stone, and many other materials.

Make sure that you use lube and sex toy cleaner between playtimes xxx