Double Ended Dildos

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Double Ended Dildos – Two is Always Better than One

Craving for more in the bedroom? Then you need to try out a double ended dildo. These thrilling sex toys are designed with two ends and twice the pleasure! If you have been looking for one of these exciting toys, then you’ve come to the right place! Kinky Times features an exciting selection of double ended dildos to suit all desires, preferences and fantasies.

Use it with a partner and take your sexual adventure to the next level.  If your just starting out and want something a little more less daunting then try out the The double Penis Vibrating sex toy Beginners this is a great sex toy to start with.  Then with some lube over time you can start experimenting with the more extreme double ended dildos.  Aim high!!

Fascinated by getting pleasured by two guys at once? How about sharing your dildo with your partner? The Kinkytimes double ended dildos are built for all kinds of fun! Since these are not designed with a motor in the middle, it is up to you to decide how much to take in. Our double sided dildos are designed to appear realistic and with ultra-flexibility to make your solo masturbation sessions or couple sessions unbelievably exciting. Whether you like spooning, the lotus position, sitting up with one partner facing away or mixing anal and vaginal, anything is possible with a great double ended dildo.

It’s OK to get greedy every now and then! With plenty of lubricant, a sense of adventure and some of your kinkiest fantasies in mind, our double ended dildos can take your sexual experiences to new heights!

Make sure you store your sex toys in a safe place, and always clean your sex toys in between playtimes.

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