Glass Dildos

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Are glass dildos safe?

This beautifully made, hand crafted glass dildo is new in stock and on sale. The pretty clear colours and  smooth finish with enough lump and bumps to hit the spot is more than long enough to please. Being made from Pyrex glass makes these glass dildos very strong and safe.

Pyrex glass can be heated and cooled for the fire and ice feeling so it is extremely safe and durable to use.  But always check for cracks and chips if you do drop this gorgeous glass toy. This sex toy comes will a felt pull tie bag to keep it safe. Because our glass dildos are made from glass it will easily wash off in soapy water or use sex toy cleaner.   Like any other sex toy if you take good care of it, it will take good care of you. This elegant glass dildo could be yours to keep at a very affordable offer from our adult sex toys store.

Are the Glass Dildos comfortable to use?

As most women users say, the glass dildo is a must-have in your adult sex toys or gadgets collection. Even if the glass is hard and firm, the soft edges glides over your clitoris and inside your vagina.  Ensuring that you do not  feel any discomfort when using your glass dildo. The different  designs and shapes  gives the User an expected sensation inside the vagina.   At first, you might be hesitant to use one but you got to believe what most of the users admit that during their first use of the glass dildo they immediately fell in love with the product and unanimously agreed that it is indeed a must have now!

Keep your glass dildos in a safe place, and keep it stored safely in your black pouch.  Best used with lube. xx