Suction Cup Dildos

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How do suction cup dildos work?

With many suction cup dildos on the market you have to control them my hand. This can limit your positions and make it hard to reach your pleasure zones.

With suction cup dildos this enables you to be totally hands free.  Allowing you to totally concentrate on getting off and pleasuring yourself

The suction cup dildos works by using the suction cup at the end of the dildo, to be pressed firmly  to a smooth surface.  This creates a grip like suction holding it firmly in place. Allowing you to be hands free so that you can ride it without lifting a finger just like you’re riding a real live person.

How much are suction cup dildos?

At the moment all our suction cup dildos are 50% off so they range from $20 to $50 dollars on sale.

Suction cap dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some are straight and other are curved.  We have realistic suction cup dildos moulded like the real thing with life like veins so that you get a really realistic experience.  Others come with a set of balls at the base of the dildo, making them even more lifelike.

We have suction cap dildos in different sizes and colours so that you can find the right one for you. Some dildos also can be used in conjunction with a harness to become a strap-on.

What’s a popular suction cup dildo?

With so many to choose from I personally love the 9” Hard-On Realistic Dildo.  It comes in a Clear Pink and purple Colour, and it is a winner all round with its slight curve it hits all the right spots.  The sensation of the added balls at the base is very effective and when I close my eyes I feel like I’m riding the real thing.  This suction cup dildo is half price at only $ 33.95 so don’t waste time.  As the saying goes time to get back on the horse!

Make sure that you use lube and sex toy cleaner in between playtimes xxx