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Condoms are an essential aid in safeguarding your health in this day and age, not only to prevent pregnancies, but also to stop the transmission of STDs, SDIs and HIV.

With so many different options on the market it can be a bit confusing, knowing what the best condoms and safest condoms to use to give you the best protection.  The first thing you need to consider is the shape and size that suits you best.

It’s no good going out and spending money on the first pack you see, as there are certain facts and information that you need to consider before purchasing your condoms.   It’s important to have an idea of what kind of condom will best suit your requirements.

The standard condom have straight sides with the teat.   Fitted condoms are indented under the head of the penis for maximum protection.  Another Durex condom that is popular with customers are the Fetherlight ultra-thin condoms giving you extra sensitivity while making love.  You can buy larger, longer and wider condoms for those who are well endowed, allowing more room and reducing the risk of tearing during intercourse.

Others have more ample room just for the head of the penis.

If you’re feeling adventures we sell textured condoms which are ribbed and dotted for extra sensation, which can be sensually beneficial for both partners.

Four seasons are another well know and trusted brand of condom, and they too have a great selection. They also supply fun coloured condoms, for those who like a splash of colour in there lovemaking.  They also come in a plain black.

Four seasons condoms also provide an awesome package of 6 studded and ribbed condoms that includes a vibrating cock ring and arousal gel.

This is a perfect little package to takeaway with you, and experiment with your lover and discover hidden sensual spots. And if you feeling a little adventurous, turn out the lights, draw the curtain’s and try the four seasons glow in the dark condoms.  Kind of like a beacon to a whole load of sexual fun and excitement, and ultimately resulting in a mind blow orgasm.

We have the Playboy brand in cute handy packets of 3, or larger packets of 12 in different textures and have a sexy his and hers selection.

Always make sure that you’re using the correct lubricant, by making sure you read the instruction leaflet inside the packet.

Store your condoms in a dry cool place so they stay in perfect condition.

Laura xxx