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What are the best male sex toys?

Well that depends on what you are using it for, is it to be used for a practical reason or is the male sex toy to be used to enhance you and your partners lovemaking. If you’re looking for the best male sex toy online then I can give you a basic run through some of hot picks.

We have a wide range of male sex toys so you can find the right one that suits your individual needs.   Let’s start with our range of cock rings, each one designed to give you a longer erection when placed around the base of your penis and can be used for erectile dysfunction by keeping the blood to the penis during intercourse.

When used in conjunction with other male sex toys like a penis pump you can achieve amazing results in the bedroom.  Cock rings can also be used around the scrotum as well as the base of your penis.   Our cock rings come in an array of colours and sizes and materials. Check out our range of OVO Vibrating cock rings, giving you and your partner that extra buzz when love making.  Designed to not only please the wearer, but guaranteed to please your partner as they also get to feel the vibes.

We have pumps for those who want a larger and stiffer cock and for those who are slightly less endowed, we have the amazing pro-penis extender.   The pro-extender can give you that extra inch or two, by using this unique and clever device to achieve the most amazing results by stretching the penis over  set periods of time.

What’s the latest online male sex toy?

The latest online male sex toy we have is our new penthouse Delux Cyberskin Strokers moulded from the top 5 hottest penthouse models, made from Soft LoveSkin® materials to give you such a relastic feel that you’re bound to come in seconds while staring in your very own porn.

Our masturbator male sex toys include  the popular fleshlights that are designed with a man’s pleasure in mind. Our fleshlights and cup strokers are made from realistic materials and are phthalate free, have been molded to create a tight opening with three different holes in mind…mouth, vagina and arse.   Some come in disposable, some that you can clean and keep using.

Do cock rings make sex better?

Many men say yes they do, especially those who find it hard to maintain an erection for a longer period of time, making for a angry partner and feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment for men.

Cock rings are worn at the base of the penis and can trap the blood flow making your penis swollen this can increase not only the length but also the girth of your penis.  Some men find there penis becomes much more sensitive while this happens, making sex much more enjoyable for both parties involved.   Make sure that you buy one that is your size, as you don’t want it to be too tight that it could cause rubbing and discomfort.  We stock cock rings in different sizes some adjustable so you can get that perfect fit.

Its good idea to measure your penis first so that you can find the right size for you.

Make sure you use sex toy cleaner in-between playtimes xxx