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Bigger, Longer and Better with our Penis Extender

The awesome Penis extender for a Bigger Penis. Ever wondered what it would be like to have a Longer, thicker and Bigger Penis? Well, now you can have one! With our penis extenders, you can make your penis bigger, longer and so much better for you and your partner!

With Kinky Times’ selection of penis extenders, you don’t even have to think about penis enlargement surgeries. All you have to do is to buy a penis extender and wear it for set periods of time as directed by the manufacturer. This is an age old technique which has been proven to deliver results. The penis extender will lengthen your penis over time. In fact, it will not only increase its length but also its girth to create that bigger penis  you’ve been dreaming of.

Wow your Partner with All Natural Penis Enlargement

Why go through painful and potentially risky penile surgery when you can slip on one of our penis extenders and make your bigger penis naturally. An added bonus is the fact that penis extenders also provide relief from premature ejaculation and other erection related problems. In fact, our penis enlargement sex toys are designed with men’s problems in mind and to provide an all-natural, risk free solution for all of them. What more can you ask for?

Get bigger! Stay harder and last for much longer with our penis extenders. Enhance your pleasure and your partner’s sexual experience by combining the extenders with cock rings for added stimulation. So, stop worrying! Get your hands on one of our penis enlargement sex toys and we promise that your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you!

Can I achieve a Longer Cock with a Penis Extender ?

Wearing a penis extender you can achieve a longer penis, without having to go through a surgical operation.  When wearing the pro penis extender for set periods of time.  This technique has been used for century’s …ever wonder how the African tribes could fit 10 Thick metal rings around there neck. The same techniques is used to stretch your penis and over time and using this device you will see results.  This pro extender is designed to permanently increase the size of your penis, not only in length but also girth.

How do I use the penis extender?

When buying the pro extender you have to be able to wear this device for an hour or 2 at the most per day.  If you follow these instructions you can increase the size of your penis by 30% over a six month period.  Now that’s exciting for all the men out there who want to add an inch or two, without having the painful surgery and having to take time off work.  And most importantly you still get to have sex!   You can use a cock rings after using the penis extender to maintain a harder cock.

Our adult sex toy Pro penis extender makes that possible. Our penis extender will surely match your sexual prowess. A longer penis will be easier to reach the sacred g-spot in women and make them panting for more.  This penis extender is made from high quality materials, the penis extenders are tested not to cause irritation or allergic reaction to the skin. Also the material used is durable and strong yet the sensation is still felt by the cock.

With that, a man could have a full manhood inside a woman’s pussy. Get the penis extender for added pleasure.

Take control of your sex life and make your partner feel gratified and contented by your full penis.   Get the penis extender now, hurry as they are 50% off marked price… A great buy for $69.00 I’m sure your partner would agree.

Make sure you keep your penis extender in back in the box in a safe place and alway clean your penis extender between uses Laura xxx