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What are Kegel Balls ?

Kegel balls have been around for a long time they are used for sexual stimulus as well as being used to tighten up the vaginal wall. Kegel balls, duo balls or Ben Wa Balls can come in a variety of colours and sizes and shaped like marbles so that you can find one that fits your needs.

If it’s your first time with Kegel balls then go for a lighter weight and over time go to a heavier and larger Kegel ball.  My favourite is the Sportsheets S&M The Steel Balls these are for the more novice but when your feeling tighter and more in control of your pelvic muscles try these steel Ben Wa Balls.

Start with sitting down and then try walking around if your vagina muscles are weak… Personally I find them a fun way to make walking far more enjoyable while also keeping my muscles stronger.

Many women after pregnancy find  balls the perfect way to strength the vagina muscles. And can be used for bladder problems just exercising with the Kegel balls.

Kegel balls are not only used for exercise they are a great sex toy to give you a thrilling sensual experience by inserting them and rocking back and forth feeling the balls motion as your body moves.

They can be made of many different material’s silicone, glass, metal so giving each set a different feel, they often come with a string handle so as they are safe and easy to control when inserting or withdrawing. Some  balls can also vibrate making the sensation even more intense and pleasurable, some coming with a remote so you or your partner can control your own vibrations.

A fun little sex toy that packs a punch and perfect if you’re a little daring and wear them when out and about, in the car or just shopping!! Best used with lube.

Make sure that you clean your Kegel balls with sex toy cleaner between playtimes. xxx