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Kinkytimes  Lubes and Lotions are considered as the ultimate erotic accessory! They are designed to reduce the friction cause about rubbing between body parts or between body parts and objects like a sex toy. You will never enjoy a sexual activity if you are not tender to touch, if you are not soft to the feel, and not smooth enough to have a suave penetration. Do not get into action without lubes and lotions handy. You might regret it if you don’t have them. Instead of satisfying sexual experience, you might end up with sore body parts, especially in the genital and anal area, if you do not use lubricants. So do not dwell much on body fluids since they dry out easily.
Personal lubricants are used during sexual activities like masturbation, to lessen the friction or rubbing caused by body parts, like your hand, on your intimate area, or by the friction caused by your sex toys. Lubricants are also very useful during sexual intercourse where body parts or toys are inserted into the vagina or anus for pleasure. They help reduce the friction and also ease the penetration.
Lubricants and lotions come in various concentrations, combination and feature. Some are silicone based, others are water based. Silicone based lubricants gives a higher viscosity and are usually water proof. They will not wash away easily thus making them great for more wet activities. Water based lubricants, on the other hand, gives the same benefit as a regular lubricant but washes out easily. So if you are certain that you will not hit he shower or tub while having sexual activities, then this water based is right for you.
Some are enhanced with Vitamin E thus keeping your skin soft and moisturized. They are will not allergy and will not block your pores.

For Added Sensation

There are different manufacturers of lubricants but you must be wise which particular lube or lotion to choose. Get those that will fulfill your fantasies.
Some lubricants are manufactured and formulated to give additional sensation. There are the warming lubricants and the cool lubricants. Warming lubricants give you the viscosity, smoothness and sustained pleasurable wetness like a regular lubricant but gives an additional warmth sensation. Depending on the warming lubricant, the warming sensation may be activated when blown or activates upon contact. The warmth sensation gives you a passionate mood. On the other hand, cooling lubricant gives the same benefits of a regular lubricant but a cool tingling sensation is also supplied. This cool tingling sensation brings an exciting thrill on your body.
Moreover, there are also edible and flavored lubricants. Having fun flavors give enjoyable sexual activity to you and your partner. Edible and flavored lubricants are manufactured using the food grade ingredients. They are blended using natural flavors and delicious to be enjoyed. These flavored lubes open doors for more oral actions. You can apply this flavored lube on him before you give him an oral stimulation before him getting inside you. Or you let him lick her first before thrusting deep inside her. What a wonderful way to enjoy each other orally before anything else. In addition, these flavored lubricants are also safe on your sex toys and gadgets.

Glide, Slide and Slither

Our body produces natural lubricants that may help for easy glide and penetration during sexual activities. However, they dry out easily and may not be able to sustain the intensity and duration of the whole moment. Saliva, for example, is too thin to be used as lubricant. It is easily absorbed by the skin and constant saliva application is difficult and awkward for you and your partner. The vagina, on the other hand, produces its own lubrication but this too is not sufficient if the arousal of the woman is not sustained. And for anal penetration, no natural lubricant is produced in the anal region, and the skin there is thin making it prone to skin cuts resulting to painful intercourse. A truly explosive and gratifying sexual pleasure will only be achieved if proper and sufficient lubrication is applied. The difference will amaze you and you will never wish to do it without any lotion or lube again.
Feel the silky smoothness of your skin as you glide your hands on your body. Touch enhances the erotic feelings and is necessary to heighten the sensuality. Slide your fingers, penis, hands, or even your toys, in and out your body, these slippery lubricants make the penetration easier and harm free. Slither your bodies together and feel the warmth of each other’s body. The slick lubricants will make the rubbings, touching, and penetration almost friction less. No worries about getting skin cuts or experiencing painful penetration.
Lotions and Lubricants are indeed the ultimate erotic accessory.

We try and make sure that with some toys we urge customers to implement lube into there play as if not used or substituted for other crams and lotions can be dangerous and a health risk. xxxx