Clitoral Vibrators

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Whats the best type of clitoral vibrators?

Obviously that depends on how sensitive your clitoris is and weather you a rotation or just a vibration.. My favourite out of all the  clitoris vibrators at the moment is the OVO S1 Rechargeable Lay On clitoris vibrators . With is sexy sleek design it ticks all my boxes.  For example I love that it has a intense vibration but is whisper quiet, its shower proof so my options are not limited to my bedroom.  Great for if your noisy like me and need the shower to cover your moans.

The Ovo Clitoral vibrators come in different shapes and sizes so I’m sure you will find one that fits you like a glove.  Its small but powerful.  The OVO S1 Rechargeable Lay On clitoris vibrator  looks like a computer mouse but dont be fooled instead of your computer it will be turning you on.
It might be small in Size but makes up for in power and design.
It has various speed control so you can up the anti when your in the mood.
Great discreet  Size …easily hidden in a draw it purse …so great for travelling with.  This little gem has a lot to offer …….and has a lot of bang for its buck.

The female sexual anatomy tell us that women can attain sexual satisfaction not only through the g-spot deep inside the vagina but through stimulating the clitoris as well. The clitoris  is very sensitive and women usually feel a tingling and tickling sensation once that sacred spot is touched. Compared to the g-spot which is internal, this clitoris  is external. You can get to it as it lies only just under the fold of the skin of your pussy. Some clitorises  are even swollen when the woman is fully aroused. Thus, it is the first contact for stimulation. Use a clitoral vibrator and feel more than tickles, you will be sexually satisfied.

Does size matter? When choosing clitoral vibrators ?

For a cock, probably yes, but not for a vibrator. This handy beauty is a small device which can even fit in your purse or pocket. Bring it along anywhere you go—without anyone noticing it. Small and handy, this adult sex toy comes with a powerful tiny motor that gives the right level of vibration for stimulating with tingling sensation your clitoris.
Reward yourself with these clitoral vibrators and experience orgasm now!  50% off most stock, so hurry up!!