G-Spot Vibrators

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How to use  G-spot vibrators ?

Have you seen these funny shaped G-spot vibrators and thought ummm what exactly do these do? and where do I put it?…well wonder no longer .  The g-spot vibrator is designed to reach those zone that vibrators and actual penetration sometimes cant reach.  The G-spot vibrators are specially  moulded  into a certain shape so that its guaranteed to find your special spot.

The nub on the tip is usually curved so that it can reach the wall when inserting it.  A favourite of mine is the Multi-Speed TPE G-Spot Beaded Vibrator, With its curved design and its tickler its a winner for me.  Its made of TPR so that its safe on your body, but its durable and extremely flexible so it gives you room to try out new positions.  I love this G-spot vibrator because of it multi speed functions, and has a tickler so that my clitoris is getting serviced as well.  The way I play is I start off on a slower vibration them  build up as I’m on the brink of climax.

Where is my G-spot?

The sacred spot or the g-spot is the most sensitive part of the vagina that gives tingling stimulation to all of your body., its normally about 1 to 3 inches in side the vagina wall cavity.  Every women can be different so that is why its good to experiment with a g-spot vibrator so that you get to know what part of your lower regions are the spots to target.

The G-spot vibrators  will normally have a nub in the end so that the powerful motor is concentrated on that spot.  Once turned on its powerful vibrations  send you  shivering  with the intensity of sexual satisfaction throughout your body. With our adult sex toys store, you can get these amazing g-spot vibrators for 50% off so hurry and try one soon.

G-Spot Vibrators, satisfaction all the way!

With the sensation provided by the g-spot vibrator, stimulation is focused directly to the target area. Packed with a powerful motor, this g-spot vibrator is made from high quality materials that will not cause itchiness or rashes to your delicate vagina. This is probably designed by women for women to use. With women satisfaction in mind, the design is directed to that spot! Love the g-spot! Use the g-spot vibrator.

Make sure you use lube and sex toy cleaner in between playtimes