Mini Vibrators

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What sort of mini vibrators will satisfy me?

Who says that size matters? Not with the mini vibrators our adult online sex toys store is offering. With most of our mini vibrators we have 50% off so hurry while stocks last.   This small wonders works like magic.  Unlike a rabbit vibe the mini vibes are more simply designed but with power in mind. They come in different sizes and shapes we even have ones designed to look like a lipstick so makes reapplying a lot more erotic and no one will be any of the wiser.

Inside this mini gadget is a tiny powerful motor that sends vibrating actions to satisfy your sexual needs.  It may be small and doesn’t have a long insertion length but these mini vibrators are very powerful so as well as penetration they can be used for clitoris and g-spot stimulation.

Whats the latest mini vibrator ?

The latest mini vibe that we have is defiantly worth talking about it’s the OVO C1 Rechargeable Mini Vibe White it looks like a rocket shape and it has the blast that goes with it.   Its sleek rounded design makes sure that it’s comfortable as it slides along your clitoris.  The mini vibe is lead and phthalate free so 100% safe for your body.

It’s hard but smooth surface makes for a very high intensity vibration, but is extremely quiet and illuminated  easy to reach controls for when you’re under the covers at night, you still can be in control.  This mini vibrator is a handy size and could even be mistaken for a cosmetic item. So you can carry it anywhere and your secret is safe.

If you’re into water play then this mini vibrator is perfect as its showerproof and another bonus is that it’s rechargeable by USB plug in.   So no excuses for not having it charged and ready to roll.

Make sure you use lube and sex toy cleaner in between playtimes xxx