Rabbit Vibrators

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Rabbit vibrator All About The Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators made famous by the TV show, Sex and the City,  rabbit vibrators are a true sex toy classic. The clitoral stimulator that resembles a pair of rabbit ears gave the vibrator its name. Also known as the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator or the Jack Rabbit Vibrator, the toy vibrates and rotates to deliver intense stimulation. Here, at Kinky Times, we have an amazing selection of rabbit vibrators in a range of styles, sizes, designs and colours to choose from.

What makes the rabbit vibrator so popular with women all over the world? The classic sex toy is created in a phallic shape with a clitoral stimulator (the rabbit ears) on the shaft. The dual stimulation makes it all the more pleasurable and creates intense blended orgasms. What more can you ask for in a sex toy?

Buy  Rabbit Vibrators Online at Kinky Times

The top notch selection of rabbit vibrators at Kinky Times are created with all the right features to enhance your solo pleasure or to make the experience with your partner, extra spicy! In addition to vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the rabbit can also provide anal stimulation for the more adventurous among you.  Aside from the classic favourite, our range of rabbit dildos comes in a variety of different models and makes. We have rabbit vibrators with jelly coated pearls, extra vibrating dildo attachments and 7 function vibrators to deliver delicious experiences. Our vibrators are quiet, come with a range of stimulating patterns and durable to last many years.

Check out our rabbit dildo range and take your pick today! We provide only the top quality models of rabbit vibrators to rabbit vibratorsensure a safe and intensely pleasing experience to all of you sexy ladies out there. So, take out your lube, picture your wildest fantasy and let the rabbit do the rest!

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