Remote Control Vibrators

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Remote Control vibrator makes Pussy and Fingers happy

Made from high quality material, the vibe is safe on skin and will not cause any allergic reaction. Your pussy will be happy with the vibrator and your fingers will be happy too as the vibe activates with just a touch of the button on the remote control. With less than $50 value, you get this hands-free remote control vibrator.

Enjoy hands-free stimulation with Remote Control Vibrator

Look at what technology has done to human sexuality? Even the popular sex gadget must have now comes with remote control! Amazing! Just wear it with your panties and let it stay there on its own. With a touch of a button on a remote control, the vibe moves on its own. With the tiny but powerful motor built-in, it gives stimulation right where you need it. The remote control gives your keep your hands free to do other things. You do not have to hold the vibe to turn it on or off or to change the control setting. The remote control gives access to the setting right at your fingertips.