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Durex B Close condoms

Durex B Close Condoms

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These Durex B Close is pack of 6 condoms . It has an Easy-on Shape for a better fit. Extra lubrication is also provided for maximum comfort.

These Durex B Close condoms are made from natural rubber latex, and have been dermatologically tested.   So they are safe on your skin and wont cause a rash while in use, and afterwards.   These Durex B Close condoms have a nominal width of 52.5 mm.

The latex Durex B Close condoms, are extremely popular, and are used widely amongst the population.  They tend to be cheaper than the other types of condoms on offer.  They work effectively against getting pregnant and STIs, most importantly herpes and genital warts, and HIV. As well as other STDs.

These Durex B Close condoms can be used with your sex toys, for example vibrators, dildos and other relevant sex toys, if you’re sharing with your partner.  So that hygiene and safety is always maintained.  Just roll the condom down the shaft of your selected sex toy, and make sure you use lubricant so that it reduces friction.  So that it glides in and out, up and down with ease resulting in longer lasting pleasure.

These love sex Durex B Close condoms are a perfect an addition to any sexual play, and being Durex you know you’re getting the highest quality product, that’s been tried and tested.

The Durex B Close condoms are just one of the many condoms that Durex has to offer, they also provide customers the choice of different sizes, colours, textures, and flavours.  When it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency of any latex condoms, the statistics is 2-18 women out of 100 will get pregnant in one year, that’s between 82%-98%.

Make sure you always use the right lubricant when using Latex condoms. Only water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants should be used with the Durex B Close condoms.

Store your condoms in a dry cool place, like a top bedroom draw or medicine cabinet.  So they stay in perfect condition.

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