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High Quality Metal Handcuffs

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High quality mental handcuffs…there is no escaping

There is no messing around with these height quality metal handcuffs ..you would have to be Houdini to try and escape from these baby’s.   Elegantly designed for a sophisticated bondage experience.   Most couples are into this kind of fetish now, and more people and couples are learning about it  with it splashed across our TV and movies and books and lots love to try it. Slowly  ease into this fabulous world of tricks and pleasurable surprises, and follow the path to a orgasmic orgasm time and time again.

 With our metal handcuffs Experience the world of bondage

Now that couples are just starting to experiment there is a wide community of people who take this very seriously and I think they would be impressed with these quality metal handcuffs as they are extremely sturdy in stainless steel and comes with a sturdy padlock .. like this is one sex toy that would be a good start for this kind of sexual fetish. These high quality mental handcuffs have provisions for a padlock making you the user submit himself or herself to his/her partner completely.  the metal handcuffs can be cleaned by just wiping them with a damp cloth, and are a great size to travel.

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