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Are you revelling in the post-climax ecstasy? If yes, we’re so happy for you—but, now, here’s a word of caution: Clean your sex toy really well, dear. It deserves that much attention; after all, this sex toy is one apparatus that’s helped you to experience the orgasmic edge. Plus, if you’re looking for other motivating factors for cleaning such toys, here they are:

Why should I clean my sex toy, anyway?

However, when you’ll act as a bad girl and aren’t cleaning the apparatus that’s helped you experience sexual wonders first-hand, then you’ll end up:

That’s why, now, it’s more important than ever to follow these germ-killing guidelines that we’re sharing in this post. So let’s get stated.

Here’s how you clean your sex toys after a power-packed masturbation or sexual session

What it’s made of?

You should first see that what all materials are used for making your sex toys. The course of washing these toys will be totally changed if it runs on motor or if it’s powered by electricity. While if you’re unsure about the material used in the toy, then you should check about it in its packaging material. If, however, you’ve discarded the packaging or you’re unable to find the same info there, then it’s better to contact the sales person right away. Anyway, we’re giving you the low-down on the ways to clean some of the common materials that are used for making these adult toys.

Different ways of cleaning toys depending on their materials

Stainless steel, glass, wood, or silicone: If the toy is a motorised one and is made of any of these materials, then it’s better to use mild soap along with a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt from the toy.

Pyrex, silicone, stone, or stainless steel: If the toy is made of any of these materials and isn’t motorised, then place the contraption in boiling water for eight to ten minutes. Or you can even clean the toy in a dishwasher that doesn’t have soap. We’ll recommend you to only use hot water because its hotness will help sterilise any toy no matter how roughly it’s used.
Cyberskin: if your toy is made using this material, then it’s advisable to wash it with warm water and little soap. We’re emphasising the value of using little soap because too much of suds can possibly damage a toy made of cyberskin. When you’ll head to buy a sex doll, you’ll find that it’s usually made using this material only.

Jelly rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, elastomer, or hard plastic: Each one of them is a porous material and may still have germs or bacteria even after you’ve washed it thoroughly using water and soap. Plus, these germs can even lead to STDs and other dangerous diseases. So for this reason, it’s better you get an adult toy cleaner. One more thing: if you’re sharing a toy made using such materials with a partner, then we’ll recommend you to use a condom on the plaything so that the chances of getting STDs and other similar infections are minimised.

So that’s it, people. We hope that, now, you’ll start cleaning your toys once you’re done with your sexual endeavours. Now, if you’re planning to buy an adult toy cleaner, then we’ll second your plans. Here’s a little primer on how you’ll get an adult toy cleaner.

Buying a sex toy cleaner can bring a world of difference to any adult toy’s life

A sex toy cleaner has the right solvents and chemicals to make your toys enjoy longevity and to let them pleasure you. Hey, are you confused about buying your first or next sex toy cleaner? If you are, then we’re here to help.

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