Top Masturbation Techniques That Every Guy Should Try

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Sometimes you want to have some time to reconnect; it’s this time when lads like you don’t want to satisfy someone else. Rather, during this time, you’ll try to reconnect without seducing anyone but yourself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be a chronic masturbator and show your lady the door. No, that shouldn’t be the case ever. Rather, occasionally, you can follow these masturbation techniques to spend some quality ‘me time’. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Technique 1

You should get a plastic sandwich bag and should fill it with petroleum jelly. Now, once you’re all set with the bag, you should stroke your penis until it salutes you. Afterwards, you should place your erect penis inside the bag; meanwhile, try to squish the jelly inside the bag all over your erected penis. Then, you should place the bag still having your penis between the box spring and the mattress. Continue with the to-and-fro motion to achieve orgasms. And the best part of this whole exercise—you’ll save an awful lot of mess, dude, because everything is in the bag.

Technique 2

While standing, you should try twisting your lubed hand—the one you’re most comfortable using while doing this deed—so that you have your thumb against your navel. Now you’ll have to wrap your hand around your penis’s girth, but here’s one deviation to the age-old plan. Rather than causing a to-and-fro motion with the help of your hand, you should move your pelvis to pump your penis inside out your hand. This motion will give you an identical feeling of penetrating a vagina.

Technique 3

Warning: You should have a really sensitive penis if you want this technique to get executed successfully. Put your underwear and make your little soldier erect. Tap your member’s tip with your fingertips. Keep on doing this until you reach climax. Plus, this technique will take a bit long for you to achieve orgasms—so it actually makes the entire pleasure game protracted.

Technique 4

The next time you’ll feel that you’re about to blow your load, you should put your free hand over your scrotum and should squeeze it a bit lightly. This squeezing exercise will lessen your sexual sensation. That is, if you like to delay your sexual ecstasy, then you should do this. By squeezing, you’re actually not letting your semen, which is travelling through your body, exit it.

So that’s it, peeps. We hope you’ve found this set of guy or gay masturbation tips really useful. Do apply any of these four techniques and let us know your feedback though comments below. If, however, you have your own quirky ways to masturbate, then share it with others. After all, sharing is caring, right? Of course.

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